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1973 BMW E9 3.0 CSL

This beautiful 1973 E9 3.0 CSL came to us for a full restoration.  There was a lot of rust and many of the aluminium panels were perforated.

The engine was removed and all affected panels as well to remove all of the rust.  New panels including door skins were fitted and then the whole car resprayed.

There was also a misfire which was traced to a faulty pressure sensor.  The 1973 3.0 CSL (or CSi) was fitted with Bosch D-Jetronic electronic fuel injection.  Increasing power from 180HP with carburettors to 200BHP with injection.   We had to source parts directly from Bosch in Germany who are still able to maintain these systems.

It is now ready to face the next 50 years!


Buying or restoring a classic car isn’t an end, it’s the start of a long term relationship with a living piece of history with a past, present and future all of its own. If you’re ready to start that journey, why not get in touch with the team at The Carrosserie Company?