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Have a look at your car. Looking past the kerbed alloy, that parking dent you swear is not your fault and the fact that you didn’t get around to cleaning it last weekend. Look past all that. Look at its structures, its features, the edges and curves. How does it make you feel? If when it’s parked, the looks insinuate speed and freedom and everything you love about driving a car, the designer’s job is done. The very best-looking cars are quite simply beautiful.

But can you classify this as art? The art community claims foul because a car has practical application, therefore barring it from any valid claims of being ‘art’. Apparently, true art can have no practical application… Yet throughout the summer, car shows draw large crowds and when an art museum hosted an exhibition entitled ‘The art of car’ they saw some of the largest crowds they had ever seen. So, can the car be considered art? If art is merely design created to elicit an emotional response, then the answer is undoubtedly yes. But if art indeed isn’t functional, can a car still qualify?

Personally, I feel that cars can be art. I think that when you look at a well-designed car, it elicits the same emotion as when you admire a painting or sculpture. You can also appreciate the time spent on the design of each component, as well as the passion the designer has for what they are producing. To say this is not in some form art is an insult to those who dedicate their lives to Car design.

Art is an expression of the artist, be it an Alfa Romeo 8C, or a Caravaggio. Modern art is very much the figment of the artist’s imagination so why can’t a car be considered an art form. In my book, cars like the DS, Muira and 8C are stunning works of art because they are form over function whilst still maintaining the ability to perform as a mode of travel. Many modern vehicles are merely modes of transport with little style.

But what do you think? Are Cars art or not? Make sure to post your responses on our twitter page as we would love to hear what you think.

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