Classic Car Investment

Restoring and owning a classic car can be a ticket to years of joy and happiness behind the wheel as you ply the roads in your little bit of history, but there can be much more to owning a classic than just thrills and excitement.

One of the other well known advantages to rare, beautiful and highly sought after marques and makes within the world of classic cars is that they retain their value well and even increase in value over time, making them excellent investment prospects. That’s all well and good for enthusiasts, but it takes time and commitment to keep your classic at its best, so you might be thinking that classic car investment is out of most peoples’ reach. Not if you invest with The Carrosserie Company.

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Picking the best investment cars

For the first time since households really started investing in stocks and shares in the 1980s, we are seeing a genuine boom in personal finance options thanks to emerging technology, making investing in markets like cryptocurrency and ForEx easier than ever before. While it’s true that there is money to be made in flash in the pan trends, the discerning investor is still looking for that reliable and efficient way to diversify their portfolio without the dangerous volatility, and for that there is still nothing more reliable than classic car investment.

There are so many benefits to investing in a classic: To start with, they tend to gain more value than other well known assets such as art, coins and medals, while they also retain their value well enough to consistently beat the broader stock market in terms of growth. There is also a good variety of entry points, with classics available in any price bracket for investors of all means, from small nest eggs all the way up to investments worth millions of pounds. So whether you’re in the market for a reliable growth option like a classic Mercedes investment, or a rare vehicle investment like a mint condition Renault Alpine, there are options for every investment strategy. Unlike some other investment assets there is the potential to increase your asset’s value yourself by restoring it to its former glory, something you can’t do with stamps or silverware, and perhaps best of all, classic cars aren’t liable for capital gains tax when you sell them on. 

The best classic car investment strategy

At Carrosserie we have decades of combined experience in building, repairing and driving classic cars of all types and makes, from affordable favourites to unique and world first examples, so naturally we have developed a good eye for spotting good investments and realizing their potential. Whether you’ve a fleet of your own masterpieces in the garage or you’re completely new to the world of classics, we can help you source an investment piece to a budget that is a solid and reliable way to achieve your asset growth goals over a specified time period. Whether you’re hoping to restore a wreck to its former glory for a faster sale, or you have your eye on a longer term investment that gets better with age, we can source and restore your choice with the care and attention we are famous for in all of our projects.

Not only can we source amazing prospects from all over the UK and the world through our extensive network of contacts among dealers and private collectors, we can also carry out the full range of repair and restoration projects required to help your car meet and exceed your investment goals. Whether that’s a full nut and bolt re-build or minor paint and bodywork, our team of dedicated craftsmen is here to treat your investment with all the exceptional skills at their disposal to get it up to scratch.