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Electrical Re-wires

Owning and caring for a classic car for your own enjoyment and on behalf of the next generation is a labour of love, and while your vehicle may lack some of the modern conveniences of the latest models on the road, there’s nothing that can compare to the raw thrill and timeless luxury that your masterpiece can boast.

Even so, the electrical systems in classic cars can be one of the most problematic elements, and one of the more obvious ways that a degree of modern intervention can keep your car in prime condition for your own use, and for its next few decades of life.

It’s unusual to find any classic that doesn’t have one electrical gremlin or another as part of its personality, while some vehicles require a bit of extra care and attention or a full re-wire, which is why our electrical engineers are on hand to do the high quality and thorough work that your car deserves. Whether your vehicle needs a few minor interventions to fix a troublesome gauge or a temperamental switch, or it needs its entire electrical system replaced, our engineers have years of experience in dealing with cars of all ages and all levels of sophistication, so there’s nothing that they can’t make new again.

As with all of our work at Carrosserie we have a healthy respect for your vehicle’s original manufacturers, and we believe that the reason your vehicle has stood the test of time is because of their skill and dedication. As a result we try to keep as much of the original features of your car intact as possible, but our engineers are also skilled mechanics in their own right, so we’ll always work as hard as we can to maximize your safety and convenience. You are merely the custodian of your car, and cars are meant to be driven, so if some modern intervention in the electrical systems will keep it running well for another 50 years we will always prioritise its future over its past. This means we will supply new looms where necessary, and even undertake new for old replacements of the originals where possible to maintain your vehicle’s heritage.

As with all the work we carry out on your car, our engineers are methodical and careful every step of the way no matter how small or minor a repair it is. Whether we’re replacing a bulb or replicating your vehicle’s heritage wiring exactly using modern parts, there’s no replacement for a good eye and an experienced had following age old procedures that have stood the test of time.


Buying or restoring a classic car isn’t an end, it’s the start of a long term relationship with a living piece of history with a past, present and future all of its own. If you’re ready to start that journey, why not get in touch with the team at The Carrosserie Company?