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Jaguar Restoration

Throughout its history as a brand Jaguar has consistently walked the line between style and performance, a balancing act which has made it one of the most iconic and well known British brands of any kind.

That refusal to compromise aesthetic beauty in the pursuit of speed on the track, or speed in pursuit of beauty on the road, has led to the creation of some of the most sought after and well known cars in existence – many of which are household names to this day. As a result it’s easy to see why the Jaguar roster is replete with classics, from heritage vehicles approaching their centenary to high performance modern marvels.

The Jaguar marque took its name from the feline grace of one of its early production models, which boasted the signature swooping curves that would make the brand famous. In the years following the Second World War, Jaguar engineers put into practice many lessons learned from fighter aircraft design to create impressive aerodynamic bodies and powerful engines that led to them being dubbed ‘road planes’. The XK, C and D types all combined that iconic bulbous shape with revolutionary engines to clean up at many high profile races over a 20 year period.

Unlike many manufacturers, however, Jaguar were able to easily translate that success on the track to success on the road. Turning out many production models to extreme critical acclaim, including iconic cars such as the E type and the Mark I and Mark II that are considered among the most beautiful of all time, Jaguar has been able to consistently remain at the very top of its game from then until the present day.

The result of this glittering track record is a stable of production models spanning many decades and countless styles, from one of a kind racing models from the 50s heyday through to modern classics that are less than 20 years old. At the Carrosserie Company we have the skill and dedication to restore any and all Jaguar models to their former glory, using heritage methods and time-honed techniques that do justice to the original engineers. Whether we’re re-constructing a unique vehicle from old photographs and archival research, or touching up the bodywork of a modern classic, we treat every vehicle in our workshop with the same care and attention we show to all our projects.

Enquiries & Sales

Tel: 01833 630 011 / Mob: 07973 616 478, or, Why not arrange a call with the team at The Carrosserie Company?


This Series 3 E-Type came to us for a full restoration. Its original Heather paint (a colour only offered in 1973) with matching interior. The restoration took 12 months from start to finish, so why not take a look through the different stages of the project.

Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2

This wonderful example of the most iconic sports car of its age was the subject of a complete “Nut & Bolt” rebuild.

1961 Flat Floor Series I E Type Jaguar

A magnificent and very desirable car in for recommissioning after not being used for a few years. Now back and being enjoyed by its owner.

SS Jaguar 1.5Ltr Saloon

This is very rare and built by the Swallow Company in 1935. It’s a beautiful example of the opulence that some had the good fortune to experience.

Here are a few examples of how we can breathe new life back into your car:


We construct and repair all types of steel and aluminium frames using expert techniques and the finest wood to give your Jaguar the light and solid core of a true classic


Paint is where art meets science, and we repair and restore all Jaguar bodywork with the latest techniques in our Dalby Spray Booths


Bare bones to the naked eye, but to us the car’s beating heart. We undertake all Jaguar panel repair and restoration using heritage tools and techniques to the finest standards of craftsmanship

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers rebuild and repair all of your Jaguar’s mechanics with skill, precision and a methodical approach for the best results and the greatest care

Electrical Rewires

Past meets present in a classic car’s electrical systems, and from fault finding and repair to a full re-wire we can bring your Jaguar up to standard for the next generation

Trim Specialists

A Jaguar is a feast for the senses, from the feel of the wood to the smell of the leather. Our trim experts can bring yours back to life, from minor repairs to full re-trims.


For a look at the kind of work we do, and the exceptional results we can produce, take a look at some of our latest completed projects.