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1967 MGB Roadster

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The Project

This 1967 MGB Roadster arrived into Carrosserie HQ in January 2024. Main works to this iconic British classic include an engine overhaul, crank regrind and bearings replaced, then it will be reassembled.

8th February 2024: The engine has been repaired/tested and is running well. It’s currently being re-installed into the car.

24th February 2024: The engine has been overhauled and is running nicely. It’s been out for a road test and is now ready for the owner to collect.

Enthusiasts will need little in the way of introduction to one of the most affordable and popular cars on the classic scene. Launched in 1962 to replace the MGA, the MGB proved to be an instant hit, and with monocoque construction it was a much more modern affair. The roadster appeared first, with the GT arriving in 1965 with its neat Pininfarina styling that blended sporting looks with useful practicality.
All were powered by the durable four-cylinder B-Series engine (plus a Rover V8 from 1973, although we’ll save that for another time) and while there were numerous rivals – including the likes of the Triumph TR4 and Sunbeam Alpine – few could match the overall usability and driver appeal of this newest MG. We’re concentrating here on the chrome-bumpered B that, with various detail changes, was produced until 1975 when it was transformed into the somewhat divisive ‘rubber bumper’ model that ultimately lasted through to 1980.
Essentially, the MGB makes as much sense as it’s always done. Perfect for seasoned owners or beginners alike, it’s a classic that appeals on so many levels and one that deserves every bit of its enduring popularity.
For a car that appears so compact and simple, a B can harbour a multitude of corrosion-related sins, so don’t be swayed by a shiny exterior. Rust can fester deep within the structure, requiring major surgery, and the cost of such work will far outstrip the value. Plenty have been restored already, of course, although you’ll need to establish the quality of the work as low values led to more than a few examples being bodged over the years.
Engine and transmission
The B-Series engine is a tough old thing and the five-bearing version fitted from 1964 is notably more robust. They’ll soldier on with even a modicum of regular maintenance and a DIY rebuild is straightforward
Suspension, steering and brakes
The simplicity of the MGB extended to the suspension with coil springs and wishbones up front, a live axle with leaf springs and lever arm dampers all round. As long as the mounting points haven’t succumbed to corrosion it’s just a case of checking for perished wishbone bushes and for springs and dampers that have succumbed to age. Replacement parts are cheap and readily available.
Interior, trim and electrics
Another part of the MGB’s appeal lies in the comfortable and reasonably spacious cabin, and with a sound driving position it makes for a very useable classic. There’s not much to concern potential buyers here, and everything is available if refurbishment is needed.
Affordable, fun to drive and simple to maintain, it’s easy to see why the B remains so hugely popular with enthusiasts of all ages. That it benefits from the sort of specialist and club support that many classic car owners can only dream of is the icing on the cake, and it means that you can buy one safe in the knowledge that you’ll not struggle for help and advice.
1967 MGB Roadster | Classic Car Restoration | Carrosserie
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I cant recommend Carrosserie highly enough, the service was exemplary from start to finish and the workmanship is second to none. I highly recommend giving the team a call for any work you need doing to your classic car, no matter what it is, you will not be disappointed!
Dr Tim Moss
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Thank you to all at Carroserie who have provided absolute commitment, professional expertise, the ultimate in personal service and 'tender loving care' for my 84-year-old car.

I cannot recommend Carroserie highly enough.
Nigel Cramp
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Great friendly and helpful team at Carrosserie. Highly quality work. This is the second time I've used their services.

Highly recommended if you want quality restoration or paint work.
Phil Sage
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The work carried out here is like magic, the standard the cars leave is fantastic, the cars they restore are works of art!

18th January 2024

8th February 2024

22nd February 2024

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