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Expert Classic Car Repairs

Our proficient in-house team are devoted experts specialising in the craft of classic car repair.

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At Carrosserie our classic car repair services cater to the unique needs of vintage automobile enthusiasts, offering a skilful combination of automotive craftsmanship and historical preservation.

Our workshops are run by 7 craftsman who are experienced mechanics and possess a deep understanding of classic cars, ensuring they are thoroughly repaired. From sourcing rare, era-specific parts to expertly addressing rust and mechanical issues, our classic car repair services breathe new life into classic cars.

Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to maintaining the authenticity of your classic car is essential in ensuring that these automotive treasures continue to grace the roads, car shows, and museums for generations to come.

Classic Car Repairs | 1985 Ford Capri 2.8 Injection | Carrosserie
Phil Sage
Phil Sage
The work carried out here is like magic, the standard the cars leave is fantastic, the cars they restore are works of art !
Catherine Lonergan
Catherine Lonergan
Very Friendly always helpful staff
Nigel Cramp
Nigel Cramp
Great friendly and helpful team at Carrosserie. Highly quality work. This is the second time I've used their services. Highly recommended if you want quality restoration or paint work.
Ian Roper
Ian Roper
Neil who owns the company straight away gave me one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. He was nice to speak with giving me confidence in buying from him from the outset. This continued throughout the buying process with updates on the process of finance that he organised. Because of my working schedule being so hectic and having to juggle many parental duties. We were unable to get over to pick up the car in the week. Despite the company being closed on weekends, Neil went out of his way to meet me on a Saturday afternoon and even showed me around his amazing company. It was so clear to me that this is someone who is genuine, kind and cares about his company and customers in equal amounts. A truly rare thing in this day in age. I wouldn't hesitate to use his company myself in the future and would recommend him to friends and family in a heartbeat.
John Royce
John Royce
Outstanding choice of cars, superb restoration facilities from a very professional team. Highly recommended.
John F Crabbe
John F Crabbe
Excellent and friendly service
Michael Leatherland
Michael Leatherland
The brief was to bring my Austin Healey up to showroom standard to prepare it for sale. There were some problems along the way but were satisfactorily sorted out by the owner Neil who is a true gent. The workmanship was of the highest standard and never in doubt. My purchaser was very impressed with the quality of paintwork and overall presentation.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith
Excellent service and good experience to advise on all aspects of vehicles
Craig Jameson
Craig Jameson


We are renowned for our exceptional restoration capabilities, specialising in the complete revival of classic cars. Our dedicated team carefully refurbishes or recreates components, ensuring every detail aligns with the vehicle’s original glory.

Paintwork Restoration

This intricate work requires specialised skills to accurately replicate historical colour schemes and finishes. We can also accommodate all modern car paintwork repairs, from minor bumps and scratches to a complete vehicle respray.

Rust Repair

Rust can pose a significant challenge in classic cars. Our experienced mechanics employ a range of techniques to effectively treat and repair rust, often using traditional methods to preserve the vehicle's authenticity.

Mechanical Restoration

Classic cars feature unique mechanical systems that can differ significantly from modern vehicles. Our specialised mechanics are well-versed in tuning and repairing these vintage engines and drivetrains.

Authentic Part Sourcing

We understand the challenges of classic car repairs, particularly the sourcing of authentic or reproduction parts. Our extensive network of suppliers and profound knowledge enables us to locate rare, era-specific components.

Electrical Know-how

Restoring or repairing electrical systems in classic, or modern cars is a delicate task, and our skilled team takes great care in rewiring and refurbishing electrical components to ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Safety Enhancements

We understand the importance of maintaining historical authenticity while enhancing safety. Our services extend to recommending and installing safety features such as seatbelts, modern lighting, or improved braking systems to meet contemporary safety standards.

Bespoke Customisation

For classic car owners seeking modern upgrades while preserving the vintage appearance, our services are the perfect fit. We expertly blend modern technology with classic aesthetics, catering to individual preferences.


Our dedicated in-house team comprises experts committed to the art of classic car repair. Our primary objective for every project is to harness our team’s distinctive blend of talents, encompassing automotive craftsmanship, historical expertise, and an intimate familiarity with makes and models.

This synergy ensures that we repair your classic car to the utmost standard achievable. With over two decades of experience, we have meticulously worked on a wide array of makes and models, actively contributing to the preservation of these automotive legacies and upholding their historical significance.

Dedicated In-House Team | Classic Car Repairs | Carrosserie

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