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Classic Car Restoration

As seasoned classic car restoration specialists, we boast a legacy of renovating vintage cars. From carefully restored classic cars to transformative renovations, we aim to get your classic car back on the road and out of your garage so you can enjoy your amazing automotive machine.

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Looking for Classic Car Restoration Specialists?

As classic car restoration specialists, we boast over two decades of expertise in revitalising vintage cars of various makes and eras. Our extensive experience encompasses restoring and reviving classic car treasures, ensuring attention to detail in every classic car renovation project we undertake.

From enhancing the paintwork of a newer classic in our dual Dalby paint booths, to undertaking a comprehensive rebuild of a vintage vehicle, our expertise as classic car restoration specialists has your project covered. Utilising heritage techniques and modern methods, we meticulously restore every aspect of your classic car, honouring the original engineers’ legacy. At our fully equipped workshop, our craftsmen treat each classic car restoration as a masterpiece, ensuring your vehicle realises its fullest potential as a newly restored classic car.

Classic Car Restoration Service Overview:

As classic car restoration specialists, we provide a wide range of restoration services to bring classic cars back to their former glory. Here is a brief insight into the services we provide to restore your classic car…

Rusted Panels and Bodywork

Our skilled classic car mechanics will address rust issues and restore the car bodywork, which is a common problem in vintage cars due to their age and long-term exposure to the elements.

Classic Car Mechanical Restoration

We have craftsmen who are skilled in overhauling and restoring the mechanical components of classic cars. This work can often include engine rebuilds, gearbox work, and suspension repairs.

Classic Car Paintwork Restoration

Whether your classic car needs a touch-up or a complete repaint, our skilled team can provide paintwork services to make your cherished vintage vehicle look brand new.

Classic Car Electrical Services

Classic cars often have electrical issues due to outdated systems. Our team can provide classic car rewiring or a complete overhaul of the electrical systems to ensure they function properly.

Classic Car Interior Trim and Hood Restoration

We can also restore your classic car interior, including the upholstery, trim, and convertible tops or hoods.

Classic Car Ash Frame Restoration

Ash frames are often used in the construction of classic car bodies. Unlike regular mechanics, we have expertise in this area and can repair or replace these frames if necessary.

What is Classic Car Restoration?

Classic car restoration is the meticulous process of returning a vintage car to its original condition, often aiming to surpass its initial state. This endeavour encompasses a series of carefully planned stages. Initially, the vehicle undergoes a comprehensive assessment to determine the extent of restoration required, scrutinising each component from engine to chassis. Subsequently, the car is methodically disassembled, with each part scrutinised for repair, cleaning, or replacement as deemed necessary.

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Why Should You Restore Your Classic Car?

Owners often feel a personal connection to their classic cars, driven by nostalgia or an admiration for their design. The restoration process offers a chance to transform a classic car into an authentic representation of what it once was. Whether your classic car is no longer road-worthy, or it needs a small touch-up or repair that regular mechanics couldn’t provide, restoring your classic car with us provides the chance to continue your vehicle’s legacy as a piece of automotive history.

Why Choose Carrosserie For Your Classic Car Restoration Needs?

At our facility, a dedicated team of classic car restoration specialists awaits, committed to breathing new life into timeless treasures. With each project, we harness our team’s diverse skills in automotive craftsmanship, historical insight, and deep understanding of specific makes and models to deliver classic car restoration excellence. With over two decades of experience across all makes and models, we uphold the heritage of these automotive icons, ensuring their legacy endures through meticulously restored classics and transformative renovations.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, our classic car specialists will be happy to help. Call us or request a callback to discover more about our classic car restoration services.

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