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Our History

Restoring classic cars is all about having a respect for the past and an eye on the future, and that’s an ethos that has run through The Carrosserie Company since the very start back in 2001.

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From humble beginnings, founders Dick & Steve grew the business on the solid foundations of exceptional craftsmanship, unfailing attention to detail and a longstanding commitment to working methodically. Moving to larger premises in Barnard Castle and employing seven highly skilled craftsmen, the pair established Carrosserie as one of the biggest names in Britain for high quality classic car repair, revival and restoration.

Before retiring in 2020, it was the pair’s wish that the business be passed on to someone who would be able to put that company ethos into practice. To truly respect the grand traditions of Carrosserie’s past, while bringing the company forward to grow in the future, which is exactly what Neil Atkinson planned when buying the business.

1973 Jaguar Series 3 E-Type V12 | Classic Car Mechanics | Carrosserie

Neil Atkinson - Owner of Carrosserie

Neil has had a lifelong love of cars, which was born when he dismantled his first Ford Escort 1300 engine at nine years old.

“I have owned quite a few cars including; Mk 1 Escort, Minis, an Alfasud, five Subaru Imprezas, and an Evo VIII MR are some of the good ones.”

With Neil’s background in racing and racing engineering, and along with the fantastic team of experienced craftsmen and engineers, the next chapter in Carrosserie history has begun.


As specialists in classic car restoration, we offer a wide range of services to bring classic cars back to their former glory. 

Rusted Panels and Bodywork

We address rust issues and restore the car's bodywork, which is a common problem in classic cars due to their age.

Mechanical - Engine, Gearbox, and Suspension

We have craftsmen who are skilled in overhauling and restoring the mechanical components of classic cars, which can include engine rebuilds, gearbox work, and suspension repairs.

Paintwork - Partial or Full Resprays

Whether a car needs a touch-up or a complete repaint, we provide paintwork services to make the vehicle look brand new.


Classic cars often have electrical issues due to outdated systems. Our specialists work on the car's electrical systems to ensure they function properly.

Interior Trim and Hoods

We offer services to restore and update the interior of classic cars, including upholstery, trim, and convertible tops or hoods.

Ash Frames

Ash frames are often used in the construction of classic car bodies. We have expertise in this area that allows us to repair or replace these frames if necessary.


The fantastic service and exceptional craftsmanship that Carrosserie bring to bear on all their projects is usually reserved for the rarest and finest models in existence, but the preserving the classics of the future means treating cars of the last two decades with equal care as the ones a half century old. No car deserves to be neglected, and applying those same principles of high quality, methodical work to newer models will ensure that more examples of the best in automotive engineering will survive well into the future for the next generation of enthusiasts to enjoy.

The Carrosserie of today is the best of both worlds, employing that same eclectic range of skills and experience that made the company famous to an ever growing range of vehicles, to ensure that the classics of yesterday and today can fulfill their full potential tomorrow.

Classic Car Servicing | Carrosserie

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