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Classic Car Trim Specialists

The interior trim of any classic car is often the most impressive and well loved element of the vehicle, harking back to bygone days when the highest standards of craftsmanship were expected from every project.

The feel of the leather seats, the sheen of the real walnut paneling, and the exquisite details on every dial and knob all form part of a greater whole to exemplify what it means to own and maintain a classic. At Carrosserie we understand how important all those tiny details are in giving new life to your vehicle, and we are committed to the highest standards of interior trim restoration, using techniques that the original designers would have been proud of.

While there are many tasks in a car restoration project that require skill and dedication to carry out, there aren’t many that involve quite the range of skills and attention to detail than the interior trim. Everything from upholstery to carpentry and metalwork are required to make sure everything is exactly right, and it’s a task only true craftsmen can undertake. That’s why we’ve assembled all of the necessary skills to allow us to carry out any trim project from start to finish, whether that’s simple repairs to faded or ripped leather, or crafting the vehicle’s entire wooden interior from scratch, or replacing metal pedals, switches and gear sticks using the finest milled steel.

A huge amount of time, effort and skill went into creating your car’s interior in the first place, and we firmly believe that any restoration should respect and enhance that initial labour as much as possible. That’s why we try to recreate as closely as possible what was there before, using the same time honoured techniques that the designers would have used. To do this we go to any lengths necessary to track down original spares and other parts, or the blueprints and schematics we need to fashion suitable replacements with no corners cut and only the highest standards accepted. As a result of the great care and attention taken in the initial build, many classic cars require only a skilled eye and an experienced hand to repair and re-vitalise the existing trim – something we have a lot of experience in. However, we are equally comfortable stripping and restoring the whole interior from the ground up, creating new carpentry and paneling from scratch and re-building the seat upholstery.

Whether your car is a sumptuous luxury classic from before the war, or a more modern and stripped back sports classic, we undertake complete re-trims and repairs to all makes and marques of vintage, classic and historic Cars. With a keen eye and a commitment to detail, we can turn a tired and unloved interior into something worthy of your car’s badge thanks to our skilled and dedicated team of craftsmen. With decades of specialist knowledge behind us, we can also carry out any and all alterations to your specific requirements, turning a much loved relic of the past into something fit for years of love in the future.


Buying or restoring a classic car isn’t an end, it’s the start of a long term relationship with a living piece of history with a past, present and future all of its own. If you’re ready to start that journey, why not get in touch with the team at The Carrosserie Company?