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Classic Car Interior Restoration Services

We specialise in classic car interior restoration. As classic car trim specialists, we understand the significance of preserving and reviving these timeless elements for enthusiasts to enjoy. Trust us for meticulous interior restoration, where every detail is handled with care and expertise.

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Looking for Classic Car Interior Services?

At Carrosserie, we understand the significance of every detail in classic car interior trim. From the feel of the leather seats to the real walnut panelling and intricate dial and knob details, these elements define the essence of owning and maintaining a vintage car. Our commitment to the highest standards of classic car interior trim restoration ensures that every exact detail is given new life with techniques that honour the original designers. We believe in respecting and enhancing the initial craftsmanship that went into creating your classic car’s interior. That’s why we strive to recreate the original look as closely as possible, using time-honoured techniques employed by the designers themselves. Trust our expertise as car trim specialists to revive your classic car interior to its former glory.

1937 Lagonda LG45 4.5L | Classic Car Trim Specialists | Carrosserie

Classic Car Interior Service Overview:

Few tasks demand as much skill and attention to detail in a classic car restoration as the interior trim. From classic car interior upholstery to carpentry and metalwork, a wide range of skills is needed to ensure precision and perfection. Here is an overview of the classic car interior trim services we provide…

Classic Car Wooden Interiors

Here at Carrosserie, we can recreate your classic car's interior from natural materials such as beechwood, maple, walnut, and oak. Using only the highest-quality materials, we can craft your classic car's original interior entirely from scratch, upgrading the original setup while maintaining authenticity and the original design.

Classic Car Interior Upholstery

We can perform simple repairs to your car’s interior upholstery or provide a full refresh of the car interior. We can repair any material, including faded or ripped leather.

Classic Car Pedals, Switches and Gear Sticks

We can source the finest milled steel and chrome work for your classic car. The pedals, steering wheel, and other interior parts are a major part of a classic car, and we do not leave them out when restoring your classic car interior.
Why is Classic Car Interior Restoration Needed? | Classic Car Trim Specialists | Carrosserie

Why is Classic Car Interior Restoration Needed?

A classic car interior trim holds a special place in enthusiasts’ hearts, reflecting craftsmanship from yesteryears. It’s a cherished aspect of these vintage cars, evoking nostalgia for a time when quality was paramount. Over time, wear and tear can diminish the appearance and usability of these components. Restoring classic car interior trim revitalises the vehicle’s interior, ensuring it maintains its original charm and value.

Why Choose Carrosserie For Your Classic Car Interior Needs?

Here at Carrosserie, we respect the original manufacturers of classic cars and prioritise preserving their legacy while carrying out classic car interior restoration. Our incredibly skilled team of classic car mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is restored so that it replicates what the original manufacturers produced.

When it comes to classic car interiors and upholstery, our mechanics are not just that; they are also skilled craftsmen, carpenters, and leatherworkers. They will apply their deep knowledge and understanding of each area to restore your classic car so that it can be driven and enjoyed for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, our classic car specialists will be happy to help. Give us a call or request a call back to discover more about our classic car interior restoration.

Why Choose Carrosserie For Your Classic Car Interior Needs? | Classic Car Trim Specialists | Carrosserie

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