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Classic Morris Minor
Restoration Services

A product of the Second World War, classic Morris Minors provide a look into the post-war automotive world. With their charming body designs typifying ‘Englishness’, we take great pride in restoring Morris Minors to their full potential.

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Looking for Classic Morris Minor Restoration Services?

Renowned for its enduring legacy, the Classic Morris Minor stands as a quintessential symbol of British motoring history, surpassing even the prestige of iconic names like Jaguar and Rolls Royce. Crafted to be the quintessential economy car, classic Morris Minors captivated first-generation car owners with its blend of modern design, spacious interiors, and pioneering engineering. As a beloved fixture of 1950s and 1960s Britain, this enduring icon continues to grace roads today, its timeless charm and straightforward maintenance making it a cherished classic.

Whether you’re a proud owner of a classic Morris Minor and envision restoring it to its former splendour, entrust The Carrosserie Company with its expert care. With a legacy spanning generations and an intimate understanding of the marque, our artisans and technicians are uniquely qualified to undertake every aspect of Classic Morris Minor restoration, from minor trim adjustments to comprehensive rebuilds.

Classic Morris Minor Restoration

We can revive your classic Morris Minor with our meticulous classic Morris Minor restoration services. From mechanical intricacies to sharp interiors and paintwork, trust Carrosserie to bring back the elegance of your cherished vehicle.

Classic Morris Minor Mechanics

Our classic Morris Minor mechanics bring years of experience working with all classic car makes and models, whether it be a classic Morris Minor repair or classic Morris Minor restoration, we have the team and experience to match your expectation.

Classic Morris Minor Repairs

Put your trust in our experienced technicians to handle all your classic Morris Minor repair needs with precision and care. With a deep understanding of all models, we deliver expert solutions to keep your classic Morris Minor running flawlessly.

Why Choose Us For Your Morris Minor Restoration?

Choose Carrosserie for your classic Morris Minor restoration needs because we bring decades of specialised expertise and a deep passion for preserving automotive heritage. Our dedicated team will ensure your Morris Minor receives the care and craftsmanship it deserves, bringing it back to its original splendour with unmatched precision and authenticity.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, our classic car specialists will be happy to help. Feel free to give us a call or request a call back to discover more about our Morris Minor restoration services.

Why Choose Us For Your Morris Minor Restoration Needs? Classic Morris Minor Restoration Services | Carrosserie

Our Latest Projects

Our latest projects showcase our expertise in restoring classic vehicles to their former glory, with a special focus on beloved classics like the iconic Morris Minor. From meticulous steel frame restoration to precise paintwork and mechanical engineering, each project embodies our commitment to preserving automotive heritage with unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Morris Minor 1000 Pickup came to our Carrosserie workshop in August 2022 for a general recommissioning and some interior trim works.

How the Service Works

Telephone Consultation
Initial Telephone Consultation to determine the work to be carried out and an estimate created.
Visual inspection
Visual inspection of the vehicle by our skilled team of mechanics to plan the work schedule.
Vehicle Work Scheduled
The car will be booked in, and any parts needed will be ordered to commence the project.
Regular Progress Updates
You will be updated throughout the repair/restoration process via our Global Workshop app which is updated daily by our team with photos and a description of the work completed. We will also advise of any further work/parts that are required to complete the job.
Final Inspection and Testing
The vehicle will be thoroughly road tested to ensure everything is running well and a valet will be completed before collection.
Arrange Collection
We will arrange a date for you to come and collect your vehicle.

Don’t let your classic Morris Minor fade into obscurity.

Trust Carrosserie’s specialists to bring it back to life. Request a call back now to schedule your restoration.

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