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Classic Car Mechanics

We are Classic Car Mechanics, where expertise meets a deep passion for automotive history. Our team of classic car mechanics boasts a wealth of knowledge, experience, and are dedicated to the timeless craftsmanship of classic automobiles.

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Crafting Excellence: Our Classic Car Mechanics

With years of hands-on experience under their belts, our mechanics have honed their skills on a diverse range of classic marques. They understand the intricacies of these vintage vehicles, from their iconic designs to the purring engines that define eras long past.

Whether you are seeking restoration, maintenance, or performance enhancements for your classic car, our seasoned mechanics have the know-how to breathe new life into your cherished vehicle. So, let us delve into the world of classic cars and discover how our experts can preserve and elevate your automotive treasure.

1973 Jaguar Series 3 E-Type V12 | Classic Car Mechanics | Carrosserie
Phil Sage
Phil Sage
The work carried out here is like magic, the standard the cars leave is fantastic, the cars they restore are works of art !
Catherine Lonergan
Catherine Lonergan
Very Friendly always helpful staff
Nigel Cramp
Nigel Cramp
Great friendly and helpful team at Carrosserie. Highly quality work. This is the second time I've used their services. Highly recommended if you want quality restoration or paint work.
Ian Roper
Ian Roper
Neil who owns the company straight away gave me one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. He was nice to speak with giving me confidence in buying from him from the outset. This continued throughout the buying process with updates on the process of finance that he organised. Because of my working schedule being so hectic and having to juggle many parental duties. We were unable to get over to pick up the car in the week. Despite the company being closed on weekends, Neil went out of his way to meet me on a Saturday afternoon and even showed me around his amazing company. It was so clear to me that this is someone who is genuine, kind and cares about his company and customers in equal amounts. A truly rare thing in this day in age. I wouldn't hesitate to use his company myself in the future and would recommend him to friends and family in a heartbeat.
John Royce
John Royce
Outstanding choice of cars, superb restoration facilities from a very professional team. Highly recommended.
John F Crabbe
John F Crabbe
Excellent and friendly service
Michael Leatherland
Michael Leatherland
The brief was to bring my Austin Healey up to showroom standard to prepare it for sale. There were some problems along the way but were satisfactorily sorted out by the owner Neil who is a true gent. The workmanship was of the highest standard and never in doubt. My purchaser was very impressed with the quality of paintwork and overall presentation.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith
Excellent service and good experience to advise on all aspects of vehicles
Craig Jameson
Craig Jameson

Mechanical Service

At Carrosserie, our classic car mechanic service encompasses various essential tasks to ensure the proper functioning, preservation, and enhancement of vintage vehicles. It requires a blend of expertise, passion, and specialised knowledge. Our goal is to maintain, restore, or even enhance the classic car’s originality and performance, ensuring that these automotive treasures continue to grace the roads. Our mechanical services include the following (please note this is not an exhaustive list).

Diagnosis and Inspection

> Comprehensive assessment to identify issues and evaluate the car's condition.

Engine and Transmission

> Engine tune-up, maintenance, and repair.
> Inspection and maintenance of the transmission.

Brakes, Suspension, and Wheels

> Inspection and repair of brakes.
> Evaluation and maintenance of suspension and steering.
> Tire inspection and wheel alignment.

Bodywork and Aesthetics

> Restoration of the car's exterior.
> Dent and scratch removal, painting, and interior refurbishment.

Electrical Systems and Documentation

> Inspection and repair of electrical systems.
> Documentation of all servicing and repairs for reference and value preservation.


Choose Carrosserie for your classic car’s mechanical needs, and you are choosing more than just a service; our team of classic car mechanics are not just skilled professionals; they are devoted enthusiasts with a profound understanding of automotive history. We are driven by a passion to preserve the legacy of classic cars.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we go beyond typical maintenance. We breathe life into vintage engines, meticulously restore aesthetics, and ensure your classic car remains a testament to its era.

Why Choose Carrosserie? | Classic Car Mechanics | Carrosserie

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