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Classic Car PaintWork

A vehicle’s paintwork is more than just a finishing touch, it’s part of its legacy.

There are some cars that are almost inseparable from the famous colours they are associated with, and restoring the original magnificence of a vehicle’s factory finish is the ultimate tribute to its designers and its long history. Just as important as the paintwork’s aesthetic function are the practical benefits of well chosen and applied paintwork, which can help ensure that a car’s legacy continues well into the future, protecting it from the rigours of life on the road and the damage done by weather, oil, salt and other harsh chemicals. With this in mind, we at Carrosserie consider the paintwork to be one of the most important elements in restoring a classic car, which is why we strived to become recognised paintwork specialists who understand the importance of a methodical and rigourous approach to painting your vehicle.

We love to see ourselves as a restoration company that helps art meet craft, but paintwork is definitely a science, and like everything we do we believe that taking the time to apply it properly and methodically is the best way to achieve the quality your vehicle deserves. Sometimes that means stripping a car’s bodywork back to its bare bones in order to treat and paint each part individually, to ensure that no spots are missed that could create future problems. We strip the part, apply a primer, then as many coats as are necessary to achieve a totally level and smooth finish.

Despite their deep and personal knowledge of classic engineering, our team understands the wisdom of applying modern techniques to older vehicles, and they are able to deploy the latest primers and top-coats that are precision engineered to be hard wearing enough to withstand the trials of modern road use. That deep rooted commitment to your vehicle’s heritage remains throughout, though, and our paintwork team are experts in sourcing and developing the correct paint for your make and model of car – whether that involves importing it directly from the manufacturer or hitting the archives to research exactly which colours your car left the factory sporting. It can then be finished and polished perfectly in one of our two Dalby Spray Booths, the industry leader in spraying equipment trusted by the biggest names in automotive engineering.

To our paintwork team the art of restoring a vehicle’s paint is no less important to the success of a project than the ash frame or the hand-beaten panel work, and it is treated with equal care and diligence. It’s no different to us from restoring an oil painting or saving a damaged masterpiece through slow and careful work, and we take it just as seriously. By working in that same meticulous, methodical manner to prepare the surface and layer the paint we can ensure that all of the amazing work that has been done on your car by generations of hands will be protected for generations to come.


Buying or restoring a classic car isn’t an end, it’s the start of a long term relationship with a living piece of history with a past, present and future all of its own. If you’re ready to start that journey, why not get in touch with the team at The Carrosserie Company?