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Classic Car Paintwork Services

A classic car's paintwork serves as a testament to its heritage, reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines its character. Discover how our expert paintwork restoration services can preserve and enhance your classic car's legacy for generations to come.

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Looking for Classic Car Paintwork Services?

Certain cars are synonymous with their iconic colours, and restoring a classic car’s original factory finish pays homage to its designers and rich history. Beyond aesthetics, well-applied paintwork provides practical benefits, safeguarding the vehicle from road wear, weather, and corrosive substances. At Carrosserie, we recognise the importance of paintwork in classic car restoration. As acknowledged paintwork specialists, we prioritise a meticulous and thorough approach to ensure your classic car’s paintwork is expertly repaired and preserved for the long term.

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Classic Car Paintwork Service Overview

We pride ourselves on being a restoration company that seamlessly merges art with craft. However, when it comes to classic car paintwork and car paintwork repairs, precision is key. We approach paintwork with a scientific mindset, believing that taking the time to apply it properly and methodically yields the best results. This dedication often involves stripping a car’s bodywork back to its bare bones to treat and paint each part individually, ensuring thorough coverage and preventing future problems. Here is an overview of the types of paintwork services we provide…

Partial or Full Resprays

For paintwork and repairs on classic & vintage cars, specialised skills are crucial to accurately replace historical colour schemes and finishes. We also handle all modern car paintwork repairs, from minor scratches to complete resprays. Trust us for precision and quality craftsmanship in classic car paintwork and repairs.


Rust presents a notable challenge in classic cars. Our skilled classic car mechanics utilise various techniques to treat and repair rust effectively, often employing traditional methods to maintain the vehicle's authenticity.
Why is a Classic Car Paintwork Repair Needed? | Classic Car Paintwork | Carrosserie

Why is a Classic Car Paintwork Repair Needed?

Classic car paintwork repairs are often necessary due to the natural wear and tear that occurs over time. Exposure to the elements can lead to fading, chipping, or peeling of the paint, detracting from the vehicle’s overall appearance, and potentially diminishing its value. Additionally, scratches, dents, and other forms of damage can occur from accidents or mishandling, requiring attention to restore the car’s original beauty. Beyond aesthetics, repairing the paintwork helps to protect the underlying metal from corrosion and further deterioration. Therefore, classic car paintwork repair is essential not only for cosmetic reasons but also for preserving the integrity and value of the vehicle.

Why Choose Carrosserie For Your Classic Car Paintwork Needs?

For your classic car paintwork and repair needs, Carrosserie is the ultimate destination. With specialised expertise tailored specifically for vintage automobiles, our skilled technicians excel in navigating the unique challenges of classic car paintwork. We meticulously replicate historical colour schemes and finishes, prioritising authenticity and quality craftsmanship in every restoration project. Utilising top-tier materials and techniques, we ensure long-lasting results that exceed expectations. Trust Carrosserie to preserve the original allure and value of your classic car with precision and care.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, our classic car specialists will be happy to help. Give us a call or request a call back to discover more about our classic car paintwork services.

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