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2005 Porsche 996 Carrera 4S

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The Project

2005 Porsche 996 Carrera 4S arrived into Carrosserie HQ in October 2023 and was turned around and back with its owner within a few weeks. The owner was very pleased with the finished works.
17th October 2023:
Bodywork has corrosion around back wheel arches, so in for bodywork repairs, then being prepared for paintwork.
9th November 2023:
Sills and wheel arches repaired, rear quarters,/doors repaired for minor rust and resprayed. Bumper also resprayed.
23rd November 2023:
Wheel arches have been repaired, along with front and rear quarters, doors and sills resprayed. Project complete and ready for the owner to collect.
Thinking of buying a 996? Here’s what you need to know:
1998: Carrera 2 in Coupe (only), all new, water cooled, 6 cylinder 300bhp 3.4-litre engine with 6-speed manual and 5-speed Tiptronic gearboxes. Cabriolet introduced July 1998.
1999: All wheel drive Carrera 4 featuring Porsche Stability Management and fly-by-wire throttle. All models have POSIPS side impact protection system, louder exhaust note and smoked front and rear indicator lenses. Mid-1999, motorsport focused GT3 introduced, with water cooled, 360bhp 3.6-litre version of the tried and tested ‘Mezger’ engine.
2000: 420bhp 996 model Turbo, with all-wheel drive and twin turbo water cooled version of the ‘Mezger’ engine. Special edition (numbered) ‘Millennium’ edition – a high spec version of the Carrera 4, identified by chromed alloys, burr walnut trimmed dash and natural tan leather interior. C2 could be specified with PSM. Series 1 GT3 ends production at close of 2000 MY.
2001: 462bhp twin turbo GT2 with rear wheel drive only (and no PSM). All 2001 MY models identified by electronic release for the front and rear lids and LED interior orientation lights.
2002: Major upgrade to Carrera 2 and 4 with ‘facelift’ including Turbo’s ‘teardrop’ headlamps, glovebox, sports steering wheel and larger 320bhp 3.6-litre engine (featuring Variocam Plus variable valve timing and opening technology). New Targa model (with panoramic, sliding glass roof) and wider body Carrera 4S introduced Porsche sat-nav PCM1 upgraded to PCM2 with CD in place of cassette.
2004: Facelifted GT3 (Series 2) with 381bhp, better handling and braking. Cabriolet versions of the Carrera 4S and Turbo, plus 450bhp Turbo S model (also available as Cabrio). Limited edition GT3RS has 381bhp and is 20kg lighter. 40 years 911 Anniversary model Carrera 2 has X51 powerkit with 345bhp, sports exhaust and GT Silver finish. GT2 upgraded to 483bhp. Service intervals extended.
2005: 997 Carrera models replace 996 C2/4, but 996 C4S, Turbo, Turbo S and GT3 continue. At end of 2005 MY all 996 production ceases.
2005 Porsche 996 Carrera 4S | Classic Car Restoration | Carrosserie
“My Porsche 996 4S was in need of some love to the body especially the rear arches and wings. This company has some serious panel beaters, they cut the arches out replaced the wings to perfection paint job was amazing. I cannot recommend this company enough the results speak for themselves.”

17th October 2023

9th November 2023

23rd November 2023

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