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1989 VW Golf GTi Mk2

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The Project

1989 VW Golf GTi Mk2 arrived into Carrosserie HQ in August 2023 for a general recommission to the electrics. Bonnet, front wings, and doors are all going to repaired and resprayed.

28th September 2023 – Bonnet, front wings and doors have all been removed and taken back to the bare metal. Areas have been identified for fabrication repair before paintwork prep can commence.

17th October 2023 – Two new front wings added as the old ones had too much corrosion. Front doors have had some bodywork repairs and front chassis has been repaired, again due to corrosion. Doors, bonnet, wings have all been repainted.

9th November 2023 – All frontend paintwork complete and trim/grill/bumper fitted. Ready for the owner to collect.

Volkswagen upped its game over the Mk1 where rust was concerned, meaning the Mk2 is much better at fending it off – but it’s by no means immune, so it’s important to buy on condition and not mileage.
The inner wings in particular are a problem and unfortunately, it’s not something you can realistically check until home, as the plastic liners make it a very difficult task. Shine the torch around the front suspension sub frame to find any areas of rust there. Around the filler cap is another hotspot. Some modified cars won’t have any arch liners, so with these you’re at least able to check.
Engine and transmission:
No matter which engine you’re looking at, each unit should last well. They are renowned for having a long lifespan, providing they’ve been sufficiently cared for with regular servicing. As with any car, look out for black or blue smoke. If you see blue smoke, you could be looking at worn valves or valve stem oil seals. Either way, the result could mean a complete cylinder head rebuild – not a cheap task.
Upon test-driving any Golf Mk2, sit with the engine idling for a while before engaging gear. Listen out for any misfires or the engine simply acting out of the ordinary: erratic movements, strong vibrations etc. If these issues occur, you may just need new ignition components or be looking at problems with the complex and unreliable factory-fitted Pierburg carburettor.
Interior and electrics:
The Mk2’s interior is well ahead of its predecessor, with chunky controls and dials all of good quality. However, interior trim parts such as door cards, plastics, original steering wheels and roof lining prices are all on the rise.
1989 VW Golf GTi Mk2 | Classic Car Restoration | Carrosserie
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I cant recommend Carrosserie highly enough, the service was exemplary from start to finish and the workmanship is second to none. I highly recommend giving the team a call for any work you need doing to your classic car, no matter what it is, you will not be disappointed!
Dr Tim Moss
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Thank you to all at Carroserie who have provided absolute commitment, professional expertise, the ultimate in personal service and 'tender loving care' for my 84-year-old car.

I cannot recommend Carroserie highly enough.
Nigel Cramp
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Great friendly and helpful team at Carrosserie. Highly quality work. This is the second time I've used their services.

Highly recommended if you want quality restoration or paint work.
Phil Sage
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The work carried out here is like magic, the standard the cars leave is fantastic, the cars they restore are works of art!

28th September 2023

17th October 2023

9th November 2023

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