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Ferrari Restoration

It is hard to overstate the presence that Ferrari has in the world of classic cars, and even in the automotive world in general, where the marque’s signature red paint has been a by-word for speed, performance and exclusivity for decades.

Formed largely thanks to one man’s passion and drive to create the ultimate racing machine, the brand still bears Enzo Ferrari’s name to this day, as well as the philosophy that has kept them on top of the world both on the track and on the road.

Formed by successful Fiat driver and designer Enzo Ferrari as a splinter group of the manufacturer’s racing division, it was hardly possible to buy a Ferrari for road use until the early 1950s, and the brand focused mainly on supplying gentleman racing drivers with record breaking machines to attack circuits around the world. Victory after victory increased demand for the brand, and Ferrari began developing model after model that was a mostly sanitised version of the very cars they put on the track, modified for road use. It was this performance-first approach that often led to Ferrari models being the first on the market to display featured that consumers could see in Formula 1 championship winners.

While not nearly as closely associated with luxury as many of the world’s biggest classic car brands, there is no doubt that no marque can compete with the Ferrari reputation for performance, and every model is a design symphony of body and mechanics working in harmony. That’s why you shouldn’t entrust the restoration of your classic Ferrari to just anyone.

At The Carrosserie Company we have the perfect blend of craftsmanship and engineering skill to do justice to both elements of your classic Ferrari’s personality, carrying out world class bodywork and trim restoration while also conducting full nut and bolt mechanical restoration. Whether yours is a custom built GT model from the 1950s, or a red-blooded performance machine from the height of the brand’s F1 dominance in the 90s, we have the talent and the diligence to carry out high quality restoration of any scale.

Enquiries & Sales

Tel: 01833 630 011 / Mob: 07973 616 478, or, Why not arrange a call with the team at The Carrosserie Company?

Ferrari 308 GTS

A rare and unusual Ferrari 308 GTS fitted with a transverse V12 Engine. This extremely powerful car has been with us whilst we sorted some electrical gremlins and paintwork problems.

Here are a few examples of how we can breathe new life back into your car:


We construct and repair all types of steel and aluminium frames using expert techniques and the finest wood to give your Ferrari the light and solid core of a true racing legend.


Paint is where art meets science, and we repair and restore all Ferrari bodywork with the latest techniques in our Dalby Spray Booths


Bare bones to the naked eye, but to us the car’s beating heart. We undertake all Ferrari panel repair and restoration using heritage tools and techniques to the finest standards of craftsmanship

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers rebuild and repair all of your car’s mechanics with skill, precision and a methodical approach for the best results and the greatest care

Electrical Rewires

Past meets present in a classic car’s electrical systems, and from fault finding and repair to a full re-wire we can bring your Ferrari up to standard for the next generation

Trim Specialists

A Ferrari is a true performance icon, so we will carry out full and partial trim restoration using authentic materials that keep the classic look and feel while minimising weight.


For a look at the kind of work we do, and the exceptional results we can produce, take a look at some of our latest completed projects.

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