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Mercedes Restoration

Mercedes-Benz has the longest pedigree in the motoring world for the simple reason that it was Karl Benz who patented the first vehicle to be driven by an internal combustion engine.

This birthed the transport revolution that would change the world with the help of his wife who conducted the first long-distance test drive. This most crucial of firsts was followed by a whole host of inventions that would become industry standards, from crumple zones to anti-lock brakes, typical for a company that prides itself on inventiveness: ‘The best or nothing’ as its motto states.

Unlike many classic car marques on the market, the Mercedes-Benz have never catered to the luxury or one off side of the aisle, focusing instead on creating exclusive yet affordable cars that are simply at the top of their game. Bringing the latest technology to the table in a package that runs well, performs in the top echelons of their class, and operates efficiently and reliably across their whole lifespans. Classic Mercedes are known for their precise engineering and their finely tuned mechanics, possessing little of that characterful temperament that keeps so many classics in the workshop, with extremely high quality finishes to be found all over the vehicle from the fitting of the bodywork to the workings of the engine.

As a result, you don’t want just anyone working on your classic Mercedes, and that’s where the team at Carrosserie can help. We have decades of experience in carrying out extremely high quality work methodically and with an eye on the finest craftsmanship, so we can match and exceed the standards set by Mercedes to ensure your masterpiece only gets the very best treatment. From minor body work all the way to complete nuts and bolts re-builds, we have the skill to take on any and every job your car could need.

Enquiries & Sales

Tel: 01833 630 011 / Mob: 07973 616 478, or, Why not arrange a call with the team at The Carrosserie Company?

1965 Mercedes 230SL

Requiring a complete body rebuild this car underwent a methodical and fastidious rebuild. To the fantastic condition shown here.

Here are a few examples of how we can breathe new life back into your car:


We construct and repair all types of frames using expert techniques and the finest aluminium and steel to give your Mercedes the light and solid core of a true classic, perfectly married to its body for extra strength and quality.


Paint is where art meets science, and we repair and restore all bodywork with the latest techniques in our Dalby Spray Booths


Bare bones to the naked eye, but to us the car’s beating heart. We undertake all panel repair and restoration using heritage tools and techniques to the finest standards of craftsmanship

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers rebuild and repair all your Mercedes’ mechanics with skill, precision and a methodical approach for the best results and the greatest care.

Electrical Rewires

Past meets present in a classic car’s electrical systems, and from fault finding and repair to a full re-wire we can bring your Mercedes up to standard for the next generation

Trim Specialists

Your Mercedes is a true feast for the senses, from the feel of the wood to the smell of the leather. Our trim experts can bring yours back to life, from minor repairs to full re-trims.


For a look at the kind of work we do, and the exceptional results we can produce, take a look at some of our latest completed projects.

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