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MINI Restoration

Officially the best selling British car ever built, the classic Mini rolled off production lines between 1959 and 2000 and can count some of the most iconic cars ever built among the many variants that were produced in that time.

Turning economy, space saving and doing more with less into an art form, the Mini was a revolution in car design that saw the wheels pushed to the corners to maximize internal space and front wheel drive become a normal part of the motoring landscape. Long before the car became a by-word for Cool Britannia in the 60s it was democratizing access to low cost, well built cars with good performance and practical space – ensuring it would be a classic long before it gained that iconic status.

While the Mini may be better known for its cultural impact in the modern era, one of the biggest reasons behind its enduring success was its engineering and performance which still make it a sought after vehicle even today. Its simple design and light weight made it exceptionally fun to drive, with handling that is considered excellent today but was almost unbelievable at the time, while it also had low fuel consumption and was easy and cheap to modify – something that kick-started many an obsession with car ownership and modification in a generation that had never owned cars before.

At Carrosserie we are intimately familiar with every one of the many Mini variants on the road today, including some of the more exotic and rare kinds, and we are committed to treating this heritage marque with the respect and care it deserves. Spanning nearly 40 years of change and improvement, we have the skills and diligence required to work on any model or age of Mini, from minor body repairs to a total nut and bolt re-build, using techniques and methodologies that would have made the original designers proud.

Enquiries & Sales

Tel: 01833 630 011 / Mob: 07973 616 478, or, Why not arrange a call with the team at The Carrosserie Company?

Here are a few examples of how we can breathe new life back into your car:


We construct and repair all types of steel frames using expert techniques and the finest materials to give your Mini the light and solid core of a true classic


Paint is where art meets science, and we repair and restore all Mini bodywork with the latest techniques in our Dalby Spray Booths


Bare bones to the naked eye, but to us the car’s beating heart. We undertake all Mini panel repair and restoration using heritage tools and techniques to the finest standards of craftsmanship

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers rebuild and repair all of your car’s mechanics with skill, precision and a methodical approach for the best results and the greatest care

Electrical Rewires

Past meets present in a classic car’s electrical systems, and from fault finding and repair to a full re-wire we can bring your Mini up to standard for the next generation

Trim Specialists

The spartan interior of an original Mini is one of the biggest sources of charm for many enthusiasts, and our trim experts can bring yours back to life, from minor repairs to full re-trims.


For a look at the kind of work we do, and the exceptional results we can produce, take a look at some of our latest completed projects.

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