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The MG holds a special place in many classic owner’s hearts as the car manufacturer that first got them into the idea of owning a new sports car.

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At Carrosserie we love to help bring these little gems back to life through our exceptional skill at classic car restoration, and we can perform every type of project on your MG, whether that’s a minor repair to the paint or bodywork or a full nuts and bolts re-build. We’re intimately familiar with every model and variant in the range, so we can approach every project with a level of insight and knowledge that few can match, and thanks to our decades of experience working on these cars we can also promise the highest quality work too.

1967 MGB Roadster

Main works to this iconic British classic include an engine overhaul, including crank regrind and bearings replaced, then it will be reassembled.

1970s MGB GT

Arrived into Carrosserie HQ in May 2023. Areas of the bodywork will be identified for repair, then once the fabrication work is done the MGB will move into our paint booth for a full respray.

1974 MG Midget

This 1974 MG Midget 1500 arrived in the workshop in January 2024. Main works include installation of a new reconditioned engine with new clutch.

Classic car services that we provide:


Creating or repairing an ash frame for a car is just another area where art meets craft in a restoration project, which requires carrying out work of the highest quality.


Our team is prepared to work with a wide range of tools and materials, from the oldest and simplest to the most modern and sophisticated.


Each element of the coachbuilding process brings with it technical challenges that are best solved by skilled hands and an experienced eye.


At Carrosserie, our classic car mechanic service encompasses various essential tasks to ensure the proper functioning, preservation, and enhancement of vintage vehicles.


We love to see ourselves as a restoration company that helps art meet craft. Applying it methodically is the best way to achieve the quality your vehicle deserves.


Our dedicated team carefully refurbishes or recreates components, ensuring every detail aligns with the vehicle’s original glory.


As specialists in classic car restoration, we offer a wide range of services to bring classic cars back to their former glory.


Classic car servicing involves several key components to preserve and improve the performance, appearance, and value of vintage vehicles.


Everything from upholstery to carpentry and metalwork are required to make sure everything is exactly right, and it’s a task only true craftsmen can undertake.

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