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BMW Restoration

BMW is today one of the world’s largest, most famous and best regarded car manufacturers. In fact, their reputation for innovation and modernity makes it hard to associate the brand with classics.

But with such a successful stable of iconic cars behind them, it was almost inevitable that legends both old and new would emerge from the marque. Not many car makers survive for so long in independent ownership and more successful than ever, but with an emphasis on state of the art design and engineering above all, it’s not hard to see how BMW managed it.

A joint venture between several Bavarian auto makers in the early 20th century, BMW had a troubled start that saw production interrupted by both World Wars, and even resorted to making pots and pans and railway parts. Out-competed in the economy and luxury markets, a struggling BMW found their niche in the 1960s, producing sporty mid-range saloons that emphasised the latest technology and highest performance. Used to saloons that were just higher specification versions of cheaper cars, the car buying public loved BMW’s high performance, finely engineered coupes that pushed limits but remained highly functional road cars.

BMW is that rare breed of manufacturer that has produced genuine classics in every decade of the last 100 years, and it requires a good deal of skill and expert knowledge to do any of these machines justice. From finely tuned engineering to innovative new parts and groundbreaking layouts, many BMW models only really share the iconic kidney grille in common, which is why it’s best to trust the experts at The Carrosserie Company with your precious runabout. From minor bodywork on an emerging classic of the 1990s, to a full nut and bolt restoration of a rare re-war luxury saloon, we have the in-house skill to carry out any and every type of restoration.

Enquiries & Sales

Tel: 01833 630 011 / Mob: 07973 616 478, or, Why not arrange a call with the team at The Carrosserie Company?

1973 BMW E9 3.0 CSL

This beautiful 1973 E9 3.0 CSL came to us for a full restoration. There was a lot of rust and many of the aluminium panels were perforated. The engine was removed and all affected panels as well to remove all of the rust. New panels including door skins were fitted and then the whole car resprayed.

Here are a few examples of how we can breathe new life back into your car:


We construct and repair all types of steel frames using expert techniques to give your BMW the light and solid core of a true classic, perfectly married to its body for strength and performance


Paint is where art meets science, and we repair and restore all bodywork with the latest techniques in our Dalby Spray Booths


Bare bones to the naked eye, but to us the car’s beating heart. We undertake all panel repair and restoration using heritage tools and techniques to the finest standards of craftsmanship

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers rebuild and repair all your BMW’s mechanics with skill, precision and a methodical approach for the best results and the greatest care

Electrical Rewires

Past meets present in a classic car’s electrical systems, and from fault finding and repair to a full re-wire we can bring your BMW up to standard for the next generation

Trim Specialists

A classic car is a feast for the senses, from the feel of the wood to the smell of the leather. Our trim experts can bring yours back to life, from minor repairs to full re-trims.


For a look at the kind of work we do, and the exceptional results we can produce, take a look at some of our latest completed projects.

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